5 Things to Look for in Delivery Services in Maryland
June 6, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Delivery services in Maryland helping get business done.

You know not all delivery services in Maryland are the same if you’ve ever had a parcel delivered late or lost in transit––or it cost more than the quote. So before trusting your documents or materials to a courier, it’s crucial to do some research to ensure you’re getting the best service possible for your money.

Online reviews can give you insight into other customer’s experiences. Still, just as important is reviewing the services a delivery company offers. Depending on what you need to be delivered––documents across town or a retail shipment in the tri-state area––not every company provides the same dedication or level of service.

Here are five things to look for in a delivery service company in Maryland.

Find a delivery service company that offers flexibility.

One of the most significant advantages of delivery services in Maryland is fast, local deliveries across Virginia and DC. However, you don’t want to pay for services that you don’t need. A good delivery service will offer a range of options for same-day delivery, from express to standard, where your recipient receives the package within one to three hours.

At Castelano Delivery, we also provide STAT Medical deliveries with priority service.

Get same-day delivery guarantees, regardless of the size of your parcel.

You shouldn’t have to deal with standard shipping because you have more you need to move. Instead, look for a Maryland delivery service that provides reliable same-day service whether you need a single envelope transported or a van of merchandise or materials.

We work across various industries, including auto parts, office products, pharmaceuticals, and more. So whenever you need same-day fast, safe transport, we can provide reliable service.

Find accommodation for scheduled deliveries for time-sensitive shipments.

When you know you will need something delivered, you shouldn’t have to wait until the same day to call for a courier and hope someone’s available. Instead, as soon as you know you’ll need transport, you can call to schedule a reliable courier.

At Castelano Deliveries, we happily customize our services to our customer’s needs, even if that means regular deliveries made seven days a week. You set the delivery schedule so you’ll never stress about courier availability again.

Enjoy dedicated services from a personal driver for your business.

Legal offices, fast-paced retailers, and growing eCommerce businesses might find their delivery schedules unpredictable and seasonal. So if you can’t justify a full-time in-house delivery driver––or you don’t want the stress and expense of a company vehicle––outsource to a delivery service company in Maryland.

We offer dedicated service, with a driver, for your company’s exclusive use. They’ll adapt to seasonal changes and even same-day time changes.

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Reliable quotes, so you’re never surprised with high costs at pickup.

Knowing what it costs to transport documents, vanloads, and medical specimens across Maryland, Virginia, and DC is essential to running an effective business. Even when sudden changes occur, having reliable quotes ensures you’re never surprised by the cost of doing business.

At Castelano Delivery, we pride ourselves on being the fast and affordable delivery service in Maryland.

When you need reliable, affordable delivery services in Maryland, work with Castelano Delivery.

Castelano Delivery has provided Virginia, DC, and Maryland with delivery services they can count on since 2018. We work across a wide range of industries, ensuring your items––regardless of size or weight––get where they need to go on time and safely. All our couriers and drivers take pride in their work, providing exceptional customer service from pickup to drop-off.

Request a delivery service quote or visit our site to learn more about the range of courier, scheduled, and on-demand service we provide.