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Do you have important goods needed to be delivered and need it now? Hire Castelano Delivery to transport your cargo. Here at Castelano Delivery our team of professional couriers will handle your goods with care. My team serves clients in Maryland specifically Baltimore City plus the metropolitan areas and Washington, DC plus the metropolitan areas. Get in touch with me today!

My Mission

Castelano Delivery goal is to become the leading courier service in the industry by providing our customers with professional, prompt and courteous service at a competitive rate. We promise to display the highest degree of integrity towards our customers and vendors.

Get to Know Our Leader Better

After his extensive bank career, Daeron came up with a simple, fast, and easy delivery process. His efforts eventually led to becoming the top courier at a delivery company. He realized that he has the capability to simplify a shipping process and to make businesses feel that their products are in great hands.

He often sits back and ponder's on his desire for making people smile, laugh, and feel comfortable. Because of his personality and understanding, he formed long lasting relationships with clients and obtained great resources to accommodate most if not all business needs.

Daeron's spare time is spent on coaching the youth in athletics, education, and personal development. His courage leads us to success. His leadership also speaks loud without a spoken word, and his commitment never changes even though the mood he said it in might have changed. Daeron seek's philanthropy through his foundation he strongly believes he can change one life at a time. 

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